How to reset internet options

How to reset internet options

Resetting your internet options is a common fix for most interent related problems such as bad wifi connection, websites not loading, errors recieving emails, windows updates not connecting. Before starting this guide please contact BCS to confirm that your issue is related to this fix.

1. Windows 10: In the bottom left of your computer screen, near the start button, click on the search bar or the magnifying glass of the gray search bar is missing.
Windows 8: Right click on the start button in the bottom left and select "search." This will open search on the right side of your screen.
Windows 7: Click on the start button in the bottom left. Once open, at the bottom of the start menu, click in the white "search" area above the start button.

2. Once the internet options windows pops up. Click on the "Advanced" tab near the top right.

3. On the advanced tab, click "Restore advanced settings" button. This will not have any action or indication letting you know it was clicked.

4. After clicking the "restore advanced setting" button, click the "reset" button underneath. A window will pop up. Make sure "delete personal settings" is not checked and click "reset."

5. Once the three check marks are green, it will prompt you to close and restart the computer. Once rebooted, retry whatever you had issues with before starting this guide. If the issues continues, there may be something else causing the issue.